Online education has become a prefer option especial for working adults to obtain a degree from their comfort home and at their convenient learning schedule. But, not all online students will be successful to complete their online education program. Most students who failed with these common reasons:

Not Prepare For Online Study Life
The person who enrolled into online degree program is hoping to earn a degree without preparing him/herself to face the challenge of online study life. Be a success online student required self-motivation and proper time management to ensue he/she stays focus on the study and work the way to the completion of the degree program. Without preparing for online study life, the student tends to lose focus on his/her study when there are other tasks to focus on. This student may end up quit half way during his/her online study progress.

Failed To Adapt To Online Learning Style
An online classroom is considerably different from a traditional classroom. Most online study materials are in text format which required you to read from computer screen or download & print them yourself. It’s totally different from traditional class-based learning style where you have instructor read and explain the content for you. The person who failed in online education may find the study hard with the reading of text material, he/she prefers to attend the class and listen to the lecture.

In additional, online students have the most flexibility to plan their study time but many students have bad self-planning behaviors that cause them unable to plan their study schedule properly. Letting them plan for self-paced study will lead them to the failure.

Lack Of Computer Skills
One of the basic requirement for online education is that the student need to have the basic computer skills such as logon to online class, download and submit assignment, communicate with instructors and peer through online media such as voice chat, discussion board, email or video chat. If the student lacks the basic computer skills, he/she will have difficulties to follow smoothly the online courses. The person may quit the courses just because he/she feels that attending online classes is hard due to lack of the necessary computer skills to make progress on the study.

No Commitment To Complete The Degree
The person enrolled into online education because of the impulse intention of getting a paper qualification. After enrolled into an online degree program, the person is not really making a commitment to complete the degree program. He/she just quit the online study program because of other obligations.

Think Online Education Easy
This is one of the major reasons that make many of the online students quit their online study. They choose online education as their option because they think that online education is easier than attending the campus-based classes because they can study from their comfort home and follow their study time. In actual fact, the online education gives you flexibility and convenient learning environment, which does not mean that the learning process is easier than traditional learning method; you still need to work hard to complete the degree requirement before you can successfully earn the degree. These students have set the wrong expectation on online study and when they found out that the actual fact is not what they are expected, they quit.

By being aware the key reasons why many online students failed in online education, you can better prepare yourself to face the challenges in your online study and be a success online student who earn your degree through online education.

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